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Sydney skyline view of the city with the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Property Valuation Costs in Sydney 2023

Determining an accurate valuation for real estate in Sydney requires professional property valuers. Their fees vary based on the type of report and property being assessed. Understanding average costs helps sellers, buyers and investors budget for this important step.

Typical Sydney Property Valuation Fees

Residential Valuations

  • House – $440-$990+
  • Apartment/Unit – $385-$770+

Commercial Valuations

  • Retail Store – $2,200-$4,400+
  • Office Building – $4,400-$9,900+
  • Industrial Warehouse – $3,300-$7,700+

Rural Valuations

  • Vacant Land – $770-$1,650+
  • Farm/Ranch – $2,200-$4,400+

Specialty Reports

  • Insurance Valuation – $330-$770+
  • Capital Gains Valuation – $550-$1,100+
  • Family Law Valuation – $1,100-$2,200+

Key Factors Impacting Valuation Costs

Several key factors influence the total fees charged by Sydney property valuers:

  • Type and size of property
  • Level of detail required
  • Urgency of the valuation
  • Travel distance to the property
  • Current market conditions

More complex valuations or detailed reports understandably cost more. Rural locations farther from the valuer’s office can also increase fees due to drive time.

Working With Experienced Valuers

Partnering with reputable Sydney property valuers who are familiar with local markets results in an accurate opinion of value to guide significant financial decisions. Their detailed reports withstand scrutiny from lenders and legal proceedings.

Ask about their specific fees upfront and request a detailed written proposal. Look for valuers accredited by the Australian Property Institute and with extensive experience with the type of property being appraised.